Instant Download Guide

Shae! Digital is here to help you with your instant download. 

Okay what's next you say!?  This quick handy guide should answer all your download questions.  

So, you’ve found the perfect digital download on  You’re at the checkout page. You are ready to download your files to use but, you would like a little assistance.

Note: make sure you enter a valid email address on the checkout page.

 Follow the instructions below or watch my short instant download tutorial!

  • Once you’ve checked out 2 things have happened. 
    • 1) a download window appears and 2) an instant download email has been sent to you as well.
  • Click the download button in the window that’s popped up.  
    • If you accidentally close the window or the page is lost, you can just go to your email and click the link inside the email sent.
  • Once you click the link your zip file will download on your device
    • Shae! Digital utilizes zip files for instant downloads.  A zip file holds several documents compressed so they download faster, and save space. Most devices can open zip files safely and effectively
  • Opening the zip is super easy.  Just double click it or double tap the file.  
    • In some cases you may have an extra step where you will need to click “extract”
  • You will now see a folder with your files inside, including this one!
  • Now you are ready to save your files and use them.


Video Guide

Shae! Digital makes it easy to instantly download files on most devices, Macs and PCs.  For further detailed instructions, continue reading below.  

How to Download a ZIP File on my specific device

Starting the download process for a ZIP file only takes a moment.  It may take several minutes depending on how optimal your device is. 

Zip files have been around for a long time so most devices have the feature automatically built in. You can open them for use just by clicking or tapping them.

There may be slight variations of how each device can handle a zip file.  In this case, let’s scroll down to the type of device you have, for further instructions.

Mac devices (Macbooks, iMac, Iphone, Ipad)

Apple makes it easy to extract a zip file because this feature is built in on all their devices.

On Mac operating systems, just double click the zip file  or tap the file on your touch screen. That’s it!  The file is  extracted and you will be able to see all your digital content in an unzipped folder.

PC (Microsoft Windows) 

For Windows users, once your file is downloaded, just right click the zipped file and choose ‘extract all’ from the fly out menu. 

For older models, you may have to choose Winzip or RAR when you right click.

Android users

For recent versions of android phones (3 years or less from 2022) you can simply tap download, then tap open file.  Your download will start.  When done, click extract and the zip files will open in a folder on your device.

 If these methods do not work, this means your device doesn’t have the built in zip file feature.  This is rare, however if this is the case, visit your app store and type in the search “zip file extract” and some free apps will come up.  Choose the best one for your phone type and follow their instructions on how to unzip a file.