Licensing Digital Products


 Okay! Let's get to the technical stuff!

A digital download is a product you can download instantly onto your device and use.   

Shae! Digital specializes in:

custom graphics business tools E-learning artwork creative content.  

All for instant download.  Go to my Instant Download page if you need detailed instructions on how to download.  

There are 3 options you can select to download your digital product(s).  

Personal Small Commercial Use and Extended Commercial Use.

Let's talk about them!


You may use Shae! Digitals instant downloads for personal use. Personal use means you use my digital products in;  your DIY (do it yourself) projects, business needs and personal development.  However, you can not resell these products as your own unless…you have a commercial license issued by Shae! Digital.

Here’s a example:

Sasha needs a pattern design because she wants to make a pillow for her new room. This doesn’t require a license because it’s for personal use. So, she purchases the personal use design on my site.  She also wants to use the pattern on a keepsake box she’s making for her daughter.  This is 1 digital product for personal use two times.


You may not redistribute personal use downloads for monetary gain.

You may not resell digital products and claim them as your own without ownership.  

You may not resell on sites like Etsy, Zazzle, Printify, Spoonflower, Threadless, Society 6, Amazon, etc. 

You will need a commercial license to redistribute and use in your  Business.


A commercial license allows you to use Shae! Digital products to create your own end products to sell and distribute.  Depending on the type of license you purchase, will determine how many units you can sell.

 Shae! Digital offers 2 types of commercial License



1 digital product
Can sell up to 500 units
Small License fee $188.00 add on


1 digital product
Can sell up to 1,000 units
Extended License fee $277.00 add on

For example: 

The business ‘T-Shirt Haven’ plans to sell 400 T-Shirts at a booth they rented out for a music festival. So the business found a T-shirt design on my site and selected the small commercial license.  This means they purchased 1 digital product and can sell up to 500 times.


Ownership means you completely own the rights to the design and no one else or business can use it.  It will be taken off Shae! Digitals site and you will own the exclusive rights to the digital product.

Contact Shae! Digital for a quote to own a digital product.

Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between licensing and ownership?

When you license digital content you are buying to use it a number of times specified and may not go over.  If you need to generate more units, you will have to purchase another license or buy exclusive ownership.  When you license a product you can resell it, but you still do not own exclusive rights.  This means any other business can also license the digital product as well, for their commercial use.  When you own the product, no other business will be able to use it.

Do I have to credit Shae! Digital in my work?

No, but a shot out on social media would be nice! #shaedigital

Do all Shae! Digital products offer licenses?

No. Most business tools, ebooks, guides, forms and lists do not have small and extended license options.  These products are not for resale anywhere besides Shae! Digital platforms because I offer them for creative growth and business development to everyone.

Can I buy a license for a personal use digital product that I’ve already purchased?

Yes, if there is an option available on the  product page.  You can go back to the page and select the small or extended commercial license to purchase.

How are Freebies handled?

All freebies are treated like personal use and not for resale.