Abstract That Creative Services, LLC

The Soul of Creativity

The founder of Abstract That is Sharonda "Shae" Scott. A creative who specializes in jewelry design, art, and graphic design.  We also, take pride in being black owned and operated.

I created Abstract That to Interlock creativity with spirituality.  Two of the things I love the most.  "To do what you love, means you are already successful". 

The items on Abstract That are filled with positive vibes to raise your vibrations. 

"I want people to wear my custom designs as a talisman to give you a feeling of oneness. To believe you can manifest your destiny and have hope for an amazing life. "  

A piece of art to uplift a room or office.  To wear a crystal or gem that give off positive energy.  We are all connected but each individual is unique.  This is why I provide a unique experience on this site, not similar to any other shop. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my culture and ancestors. The ancient African and Asian civilizations provides me with a palette of endless ideas and appreciation. I study these cultures extensively for an understanding that you have to see the past to move in the future.

The belief that everyone has a purpose and the laws of the universe, is the basis for every design and piece of art.  Inspiration can strike from anywhere.  Strolling through Little Five Points in Atlanta looking at graffiti murals.  During a deep meditation session of positive affirmations.  Or at the beach while letting the waves of the ocean embrace me. But mostly...

"I'm inspired by inspiring others"

Check out our sister site for instant downloads at www.shaedigital.com

shaedigital.com is dedicated to small business owners, do it yourselfers, and creatives to instantly download materials.  This site is filled with custom; forms and slides for your business, posters, design bundles, logos, digital art prints and much more.  All digital downloads are instantly available, without the hassle of shipping.  

Where Else is Abstract That

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